Damsel in distress

Night #2

The rather noticeable lady that was previously tied up was carried back to the hostel by our party. Madge Madgerson owner of the Hostel of the Sacred Stone immediately recognizes Eludecia “Lucy” and helps the party get her to the holy relics in his hostel. After being healed she tells them of her tale of how she became a Succubus Paladin she asks the group to find her gauntlets so she can once again wield holy weapons.

The group are declared heroes and Madge declares that they are always welcome and shall never have to pay for any service that he can give them for saving Eludecia.

After some fatherly advice from Zook Raulnor about the wisdom of accepting tasks from unknown ladies and willingly put magical feathers in temples after removing kobolds from the area (as well as getting paid only after the job is done) he agrees to descend back into the aquaduct to help retrieve Eludecia’s gauntlets. He bows out of the whole removing the kobold infestation though.

Some kobolds whom followed the party carrying Eludecia’s body and watched her return to health claimed to know whom knew where the gauntlets where. They led them to the kobold chieftain. The party negotiated the chieftain down to get the information about where the gauntlets resided. After walking through a door that turned willing participants into kobolds half the party wend forward in kobold form and half remained human. The humans found they had terrible luck find trap after trap and eventually decided that being a kobold wasn’t so bad after all.

The direction the chieftain sent the party was blocked by a door with an image of the beholder engraved in it. The central eye of the beholder was closed and 10 eye stalks with gems embedded gazed down a 25 food long hallway. After Varra elequantly tried to convince the party they were not ready to try to get through the door and a 10 foot section of wall distentrated behind William Worthington II it was decided they were missing a piece of this puzzle. After explaining their adventures so far to Zook, it was identified that the eyes in other carving that shot rays also were made of gems. The party back tracked to acquire the gems. Unfortunately it was noticed by Moira that Chieftain Blad was wearing one of the jewels they need in his eye patch. The party was also relieved that when they walked back through the Kobold Doorway they returned to their natural form.

The night ended with finding the 5th of the 10 jewels they needed in an secret doorway.



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