House Rules

House Rules

Character Generation

  • You will start with 10,000 XP
  • You start with 10,500 GP of equipment and money
    • You can not spend more than 50% of your money on any one item.
  • You must have one skill point in Knowledge( Nature ) to reflect what you have already learned about dragons from the dragon hunters you have signed on with.
  • All characters should be generated using PCGen with the Pathfinder RPG (Includes all currently release Supplements) data source.
    • Select tools→preferences and set the following options
      • Character Stats
        • Purchase Mode
        • High Fantasy
      • Hit Points
        • Percentage
          • 80
        • Maximum HP at First Level
        • Do not apply to Racial Hit Dice
      • House Rules
        • Disable First set of equipped clothing counts towards encumbrance
        • Use Full Spell Descriptions
      • Defaults
        • Default experience table to be used:
          • Fast
      • Display Options
        • Display Feat Description
  • Rules can be viewed here


  • The DM will be using PCGen to maintain characters. The character sheet from the PCGen file will be the only legal representation of the character allowed. If rules modifications are needed to PCGen I will post them on github and add a link here.
  • The DM will be using DM’s Familiar. The version of the rules represented by the tool are the official rules I will play with. I will gladly hear arguments if a variation of the rule is found in print, but my ruling is final. Any rules clarifications will be posted on this page.

Rules clarifications

  • Spells can be used for sneak attacks as long as the opponent does not have their Dex Bonus because of something other than the attacking spells effect.
    • In other words you do not get an automatic sneak attack because the text of the spell says you get to ignore their Dex as part of that spells effect.
    • Sneak attacks work because you have enough knowledge and skill to place a blow/shot in just the right place with just the right amount of force. Therefore unless the spell is very localized it can not be used for a sneak attack. A fireball is the opposite of sneaky. Area of effect spells such as cone emanations are also not sneaky.
    • Magic Missile sounds sneaky but isn’t because “Specific parts of a creature can’t be singled out.” and therefore fall outside the guidelines of sneak attacks.
  • There is no cost for transcribing spells gained during character creation.
    • For additional spells learned during your early travels the cost is the same as purchasing a scroll and transcribing it. For example an 1st level spell scroll is typically 25gp + 10gp to transcribe therefore most spells would cost 35gp.
  • Does Mage Armour stack with your AC
    • Short answer is you get the highest bonus from any single bonus type unless the item/spell explicitly states it stacks.
    • Long answer (see bonus section )

House Rules

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